Learn About Feathered Friends of Santa Fe's Unique History

"Gem" from Tactical Videoworks (Patrick Reid) on Vimeo.

Darlene Parker opened Feathered Friends of Santa Fe in 1985. It was a beautiful showcase of domestic, hand-raised exotic birds. She specialized in hand-feeding baby birds at 2-3 weeks of age. Over time, people would form bonds with their bird(s) before ultimately taking them home to their new family. She also carried an assortment of beautiful songbirds as well as a variety of passerines and psittacines. As her business expanded, she opened the Feathered Friends Wild Bird Store with her partner Kurt Miller, a dedicated and passionate Ornithologist. Her passion for birds started early on in life and in her early twenties decided to put that passion to work. Her life has been devoted to educating and caring for birds ever since.  

As of April 2016, they decided that after 31 years of successful business, to close the physical retail store and move everything online. Moving to the online space has allowed Feathered Friends of Santa Fe customers to continue purchasing their top-selling proprietary seed blends that they designed and have offered for years. With the help of their loyal customer base, Feathered Friends of Santa Fe has been able to refine and deliver incredible products to satisfy birds and bird owners from all over the map. When asked about their years building seed mixes, Kurt and Darlene said, "We are forever grateful and appreciative to have such a loving, supportive and loyal customer base throughout the decades. They helped us become who we are today and deserve our non-stop dedication to researching and designing the best exotic and wild bird seed mixes on the market." 


Kurt Miller is a certified Ornithologist, Bird Behaviorist and former Falconer. He is well versed in Avian behavior with a lifetime of study and first-hand observation through management, breeding and husbandry of wild and domestic bird species. He is an avid bird-watcher and gives local bird tours. Kurt is also a professional wood craftsman and watercolor artist. He has a unique selection of bird-houses, bird feeders, seed mixes and supplies for all of your outdoor feathered friends. Visit his page (coming soon) to see his handmade bird feeders and birdhouses, as well as his bird paintings. 

Please check out Mr. Kurt Miller on Flickr for his amazing bird photo gallery! 

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