Lafebers Bird Vitamins


  • For all birds
  • Highly concentrated vitamin powder provides 13 essential vitamins for daily health
  • Mix this tasty powder in their food or drinking water and they'll enjoy their vitamins without even knowing it
  • Birds on Lafeber's Pellets, Avi-Cakes or Nutri-Berries do not require vitamins

Birds are sensitive beings and can sometimes react to the slightest disruption by not eating. Not eating is a concern in any animal. But birds are especially vulnerable because there's an immediate effect on their metabolism. Every passing hour can be crucial. That is why it is important to add vitamins to your food or water to ensure that your bird is getting all the nutrition that it needs. This highly concentrated vitamin powder is easily mixed with water or food. Contains all 13 vitamins essential for healthy birds. An excellent choice to insure birds on a seed based diet receive all the vitamins required to maintain health and vigor. Helps stressed or ill birds recover more quickly.

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