Bird Gravel Digestive Care - Canaries and Finches


8 in 1 Ultra Care Ecotrition Bird Gravel is a natural aid to digestion. Contains charcoal and oyster shells to combat common hyperactivity in the stomach. Ecotrition Bird Gravel is specifically formulated for canaries and finches. Bird gravel is nature's substitute for a birds teeth. Bird gravel contains oyster shells, a natural form of grit, and charcol, which combats hyperacidity and sweetens the stomach. Ecotrition bird gravel is washed and processed for perfect cleanliness.

  • Aids in digestion
  • Helps combat hyperacidity
  • Ideal for Canaries & Finches

Directions: Fill a small feeding cup (separate from seed cup). Change as often as necessary to keep clean.

Collections: Bird Minerals

Type: Bird Minerals

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