Avian Science Super Cockatiel Bird Seed w/ Sunflower Seeds 4 lb (1.81 kg)


For Caged Exotic Birds Only


Volkman Bird Food all-natural, nutritionally balanced diets are free of chemical preservatives and artificial flavors. Volkman Avian Science Super Diets have vitamins, minerals, and mineral acids bound to grains and nutmeats to ensure complete health benefits. 

Ingredients: White Proso Millet, Safflower Seed, Canary Grass Seed, Oat Groats, Sunflower, Buckwheat, Small Crack Corn, Whole Wheat, Assorted Tree Nuts, Hemp Seed, Orange Oat Groats (FD&C Orange #6), Kibbled Corn, Pineapple, Carrot Dices, Cantaloupe Seed, Coconut Shreds, Red Bell Pepper Dices, Orange Oil, Vitamin C Used as Natural Preservative, Spinach Flakes.

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