Jagunda 7.5 feet Pole Feeder


  • Squirrel proof, pole mounted platform, hopper style feeder great for cardinals
  • Threaded adapter allows an additional feeder to be mounted on top
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate, won't yellow with age, dependably durable
  • Rust resistant pole now includes the ultimate pole auger with lever extension arms for extra easy installation in all soil types
  • Sturdy 7.5 feet long, 1-inches outside diameter; rotating port regulator adjusts seed flow for any type seed, reduces waste

The Jagunda Feeder features a unique squirrel proof design. The clear polycarbonate feeder tray doubles as a pole-mounted squirrel baffle to prevent squirrels from reaching the seed. The feeder reservoir has a large six quart capacity. The 15" feeder cover shelters birds while protecting seed from the weather. The Jagunda mounts easily on the included 7.5' black steel pole. Use the included 17.5" long pole auger to keep your pole mounted securely in the ground. A 3/4" Threaded Pole Adaptor is also included for mounting a tube feeder on the top of the pole in addition to the Jagunda.

18.5 x 18.5 x 12 inches
12.15 lb.

Collections: Bird Feeders

Type: Bird Feeders

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