Onyx Clever Clean Finch Nyjer Feeder 24 in.


  • Holds up to four pounds of food, has 9 feeding ports
  • Twist release base for quick, easy clean out to maintain health of birds
  • Comfort perches with multiple landing areas for numerous species
  • Port configuration permits unimpeded seed flow
  • Patented engineering feature locks port in place
  • This Droll Yankees nyjer seed feeder is 24 inches long, has 9 feeding ports, and can hold four pounds of seed! The four inch diameter tube was designed and made in the U.S.A. All Droll Yankees Clever Clean feeders feature a twist release base for quick and easy clean out to help maintain the health of birds, an easily detachable cap, which facilitates thorough cleaning, comfort perches with multiple landing areas to accommodate numerous bird species and their preferences, our two part perch design with a patented engineering feature that locks the port in place and gives the feeder an elevated level of design elegance, our special port configuration which permits unimpeded seed flow, and an open interior for easy cleaning with the Droll Yankees Bird Feeder Brush.
  • Lifetime Warranty
2.8 x 2.8 x 24 inches
3 lbs.

Collections: Bird Feeders

Type: Bird Feeders

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