Grey Striped Sunflower Seed | Bird Seed


Perhaps the most versatile of all the feed types, sunflower seeds will attract a wide diversity of birds to your feeders.

Striped sunflower seeds have thicker shells and are better for heavy-billed birds such as cardinals. Compared with black-oil sunflower seeds, they are harder to crack open and may be a good choice if you don't wish to feed blackbirds or house sparrows.

Birds that will eat striped sunflower seeds include:

    • Cardinals
    • Grosbeaks
    • Jays
    • Nuthatches
    • Titmice


Discarded hulls underneath the feeder may contain leftover seed pieces and attract rodents, so keep them cleaned up. Purchasing seed that's already hulled will help avoid a mess, but hulled seed tends to be more expensive and will spoil more easily than seeds with shells, so you may have to refill the feeder more frequently.

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